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No Unity Candle?! No problem for Indigo Events

Saying your prayers and crossing your fingers is not the only remedy for a perfect wedding. Yes, things go wrong. It’s natural right? It would not be a wedding without the scurrying event planner setting up flowers, organizing the bridesmaids and groomsmen and rushing to the reception before any guests arrive.

So what happens when the unity candle is nowhere to be found? (FYI, a unity candle is a recent addition to many weddings, wherein the two representatives from the bride and groom's family light 2 candles before the vows and after them, the bride and groom light the larger unity candle with those 2 lit).. Only moments after the wedding begins, a frantic bridesmaid runs to me asking about the unity candle. “Ummm, we thought the priest was in charge of that…but apparently not?”

The event planner is the victim, and an unhappy bride is not in the nature of Indigo Events. With only ten minutes to spare one of Indigo’s girls races to a nearby store and buys a multitude of candles in all shapes and sizes, returns to the church, and walks in only moments before the candles need to be lit.

It was that split second decision to take matters into your own hands that saved the priest, the bride, and Indigo Events from a not so pleasant encounter.

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"No Unity Candle?! No problem for Indigo Events"
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