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The emotional connection: Some initial ideas.


As a planner,  we start a new year with many challenges, and many visions on how we can make this year a better one and a one with new things, trendy approaches and new incentives. Our imagination goes wild as we approach new clients and we face new beginnings. It is like our new year's resolutions are already way beyond our creative minds.

However, our key challenge is the always connected audience. Our speakers compete with social media and pouring emails to get our guests' attention.

Years ago, the challenge as an event planner was to make sure no one fell asleep during your event. Today, we need to wow our audience and get them so hooked that it makes our audience  forget about the machines that keep beeping in their pocket or hand bag.

The skill require to get our audience attention is immense, from asking for shorter presentation to provide additional wi fi so everyone stays connected. We must create the ambience to immerse your audience in our event. So the email and other distraction become less urgent, less important. Or they can hold off on replying to a tweet that requires their response.

If we do that then as event planners, we have truly created a successful event. 

So how do we achieve that?

The answer is the EMOTIONAL CONNECTION, and how we enchant with our audience in order to get its fully and undivided attention. 

We need to go back to basics and start from the beginning when we really look at the human capital as one of our biggest assets. 

Now we count likes, numbers and just emails that add up in our data base.

From the first communication to the last thank you, we need to create that connection. We need to build confidence and create an ambiance of familiarity within all our guests. 
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"The emotional connection: Some initial ideas."
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