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Bogota Fashion Week: Unique Locations Oops and Wow Moments


Location is 80% of the success for any event. When we indeed find that PERFECT location, the logistics is the next key measurement to allow us to see how much closer we are to hitting the "AMAZING EVENT" status quo bar. 

A perfect example of how venue selection can tie in with an event concept was Bogota Fashion Week. EL Dorado Airport in Bogota, Colombia, known to be as one of the finest and most modern buildings in Latin America, hosted this premier event. Due to security reasons, private runways were held in a tent outside the actual terminal. Their inaugural runway was done inside the terminal, and for many passengers, it was a surprise to find themselves with first row seats to an amazing show. 

The WOW! Moment...

The entire event was perfectly crafted with ingenuity that managed to incorporate airport elements as part of their showcase. We saw bell hoppers carrying models on top ofluggage carts. Traffic controllers, pilots and stewardess got a mix of fashion in their own house.

From a marketing perspective, the way Sebastian Jaramillo showcased his jewelry was extremely creative and eye catching. The press loved it. They covered every single aspect of his runway, making this a WOW moment not only for him, but for everyone present.

As a tip...when you work with a professional, they can help you piece together event concepts for your brand message to shine through.

More WOW! Moments..

The Hernan Zahar runway really took my breath away. Although, the concept of his runway show had nothing to do with the airport, he did an excellent job of tying in his event concept with his fashion show. Heproduced a video based out of his birth town in Mompos, Colombia. His collection was in honor of his aunt, so there was a lot of sentimental value in the show's production. The video used special effects as if you were invited in and walking through a gate to get to know his town and his roses. His aunt loved talking to the roses, so the entire production incorporated a rose theme.

OOPs! Moment

A tent is our best ally when complementing a venue that will not hold the capacity of guests. However, we need to take into consideration the way a tent is built and it's accessibility. In this case, the access was very far away from the parking lot. Especially for all the fashionistas who arrived with expensive high heels.


When choosing a different location as a venue, make sure you have access to all the facilities as opposed to a tent where you need to build it out with flooring, bathrooms, and most of all the hassle of having to attain additional permits. 

For example, we hosted an event at Miami Executive Airport, a private small airport. It had many private hangars, which eliminated the hassle of building out a tent and saved my client money.

As you can see from the picture, it was very easy to transform the space. A cargo terminal is another option that does not have the flow and the air traffic that a regular airport has.

OOPs! Moment

The BIG ooops at Bogota Fashion Week came from the staff. Training the staff prior to an event is extremely important in areas of dress code, the event's agenda, VIP locations, press access, etc. We always need to pay special attention to what our staff needs to know and what information they need to communicate and if there are last minutes changes in the agenda.

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