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So how do we put the WOW in this year's Thanksgiving dinner?


The little that WOW you are the ones you don't expect and the ones you won't forget..

More than just planning an event for Thanks giving, we need to think about what is thanksgiving all about.


 It is more than just a pretty table; it is more than a really good menu or even  more than the famous  turkey and certainly it is more than shopping and any big discounts.


It is really about giving back to those we are grateful for just being there; it is about appreciating the small things we have; it is about the ones that surround us and keep us safe and comfortable; it is about the little details that make our life worth living for.

So how do we put the WOW in this year's dinner?

Invite family, friends and strangers to share a meal.


A stranger that may not have family in town or may be new to the community, this will always be in their minds, that a stranger invited another stranger  so that they would not be alone.  They will always appreciate being included in someone else's inner circle, and this is what thanksgiving is all about.


When I was growing up, thanksgiving was not part of our culture and I never understood the "turkey" dinner until I came to this country. I have become a fan of Thanksgiving, and adopted the custom as if it was installed in me since I was born. There is no religion, race, culture or background involved, it is just an honest Thank You over a good meal and a good company that includes a Turkey.


The menu:

Besides the turkey include your closest family favorite dish, this way you are also showing your appreciation in the taste and what they like,  they will enjoy it more than you think. 


The table:

It takes the same amount of time to set a nice table and a "whatever" table. Go the extra mile, a nice table is your welcome package, your personal card and your way of setting the mood for dinner.



  • Do small cards as place settings, and include a personal message to each one

  • Sit guests with different people than how you normally sit, have them interact with others, you might have a very interesting table experience, even if the ages are not the same, interact with your small nieces, nephews and cousins, learn how they are and what they like it will be a great experience to have

Don't forget to avoid the Oops:

Be politically correct when inviting for dinner. If you're family involves extended people, invite them. If you are unsure about inviting someone, just add more plate,  it is only another place in the table, we all tend to make more food that what we really need

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"So how do we put the WOW in this year's Thanksgiving dinner?"
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