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Choosing your event space isn’t just about looks. It’s about functionality.


The way you choose your event space isn’t just about looks. It’s about functionality.

When choosing a venue, is open space of importance to you? Do you leave wiggle room for people to socialize? Will you have a dance floor?

This is exactly why I was impressed with Ironside's venue when I attended a Focus Miami event. Their open space not only has the capacity to accommodate a large turnout but most importantly; it gives any event planner room to be creative.

When you are selecting a venue for an event, these are the elements you want to look out for:


Anytime you are looking to rent a venue for your business event or wedding, you want to see ways you can leverage what the venue currently has.

  • Tables

Ironside had a built in multi use table off the corner to the center area. It may be used as a buffet, product display, auction items, bar, etc. This is key to help you save money from renting additional furniture items, such as buffet tables and bar.

  • Audio/visual capability

At Ironside, I noticed the projector & screen are built in, as well as the sound system; which gives any presentation a more clean/modern feel. Personally, I dislike the pipe, drape, and large speakers look; and love it when the venue has them built in.


The WOW moment came when the Founder of Spark, Charly MacDonald, gave us ideas on how to enhance “spaces.” When he worked for Royal Caribbean, they noticed staterooms without windows received the least amount of reservations. They decided to add 80-inch 4K high definition screens to project what the captain sees, hence a “virtual balcony.” By creating a 3D visual experience of the ocean, the room increased in demand which allowed them to increase the price by 20%.


Strategically feature your showpiece - The open space has two floors overlooking the center. If you are showcasing a car or a video demo, the center provides a 360 degree view of anything you choose to feature in the middle.

Does your attendees like to dance? A dance floor takes up a great amount of space. If you need to add a dance floor, it would look very cool to place it in the middle of the venue. This way, guests on the second floor can watch and stay out of the way if they feel like mingling instead.

Designate a mingle area - A big part of fundraising events is getting the chance to network and enjoy the social outing. If the whole venue is filled with tables, however, your attendees may be forced to sit and talk to only those at their table. To ensure your guests feel their time was well spent, it's key to find a venue that allows your guests to mingle without feeling crowded.

Account for additions - It's part of Hispanic culture to RSVP at last minute. So you will need the space to ramp up in case you need it.

Most importantly,  you don’t want to block anyone’s path to the bar.

Ample space is key to a venue and Ironside has it.

OOPs! moment

Valet is always a plus when attending a venue like this. I didn't have trouble finding parking but if there’s a crowd, valet is always convenient.

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"Choosing your event space isn’t just about looks. It’s about functionality."
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