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Event Trends Part 2 - 5 innovative trends from Catersource event in Vegas


There are many different trends that we all follow, whether you are in the the event planning business or if you are on the receiving end, the client.


Millenniums, as clients, are very unique and different from my generation. They are more informed. With just a click of a button, they can find out anything they want. Information is at their finger tips . As event planners, we need to be on top of the latest information to be able to connect with them and close the generational gap.


During the Catersource Event in Las Vegas, I found the majority of venders are simplifying the event process in a more practical way.

We have created a dependency to all that needs to be charged. Our cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. We have become so dependent on being "connected" that we actually and literally need to be "connected" all the time in order to be able to connect with others, inform the world where we are, and what we are seeing via our electronic devices.

So the way we brought this "connectivity" into the event industry was incorporating all this charging mechanisms into the furniture we use in events.


Why stand near a box or a wall waiting for our device to charge, when we can incorporate the feel and look into the event and at the same time allow your guests to charge up!

One of the trends that has evolved in time, is the use of old fashioned paper flowers. Even though we have seen paper flowers for many years, now they are incorporating them onto walls, accents, and center pieces. They are great for accent color and to add multi dimensions in weddings, social dinners and many corporate gatherings.

Creativity has no limit when it comes to paper, whether they are exquisite flower designs to simple paper folds, the objective is to give the imagination a new form of magic. Enhanced with light, it can bring a whole new experience to an event; as well as a whole new dimension in spaces.

Panache/ Classic Rentals have the best wall I have ever seen. They integrated this beautiful simple dining table, with a monochromatic that gave a look and feel of exceptional elegance, and the touch of red gave it the final luxurious finish.

The WOW in this type of decor, I saw it in a wedding, where even though the flowers were not as elaborated, the monochromatic decor with the effect of the blue light changed a simple hotel room into a three-dimensional space of spiritual elegance with a majestic touch.


The OOPs of using this decor comes when we want to assimilate actual flowers and incorporate all the decor with these flowers, by using them as centerpieces, napkin holders, and many other items within the same event. The main idea is to generate a three-dimensional effect and not to abuse or copy what is natural.

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