Wow & Oops moments

How to make the impossible happen under pressure


When doing any kind of product launching, the opening of a venue, or promoting a service, there needs to be a theme that connects with your your audience emotionally.


It is the bridge that will close the gap and make a difference with any other product or service.


Indigo Events hosted an event for the opening of a building and used this opening as a platform to showcase the developer's new project. A beautiful display of food was carefully arranged in 3 stations while h'ordeuvres were passed throughout the night. The 6 man band played a mix of live music before and after the speeches which led to a great ambiance for networking..while the branding and marketing materials where distributed by our hostesses.


The WOW moment was actually the flow of the event and the careful timing that transcended throughout the 4 hours.


Everything was coordinated so that there was nothing left to chance. The night before the event, the amount of guests doubled in numbers!


Here is where the expertise takes precedent over what some may assume an event is as simple as putting some chairs and tables and calling a caterer.


Even though there were no Oops moments at the event, it came way before when the

communication with the client's staff was extremely delayed. It was hard to attain timely written sign offs for required items and expenses, so I had to have certain things on standby even up to 24 hours prior.


The final Wow is for my vendors who I trust. they all came through at the last minute so that we all experienced a perfect event.

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" How to make the impossible happen under pressure"
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