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The Passion of Giving


I always wondered if people that dedicate their life to helping others, whether it is by volunteering, donating, or physically going out of their way for someone else; are born "givers," taught, or simply they are followers of someone that shared that passion of giving. 

Yes, giving back is definitely a passion.

Helping others is a passion that instills in your personality since you are little and grows with you. For some, it comes easy and for others they simply do not make the effort.

Personally, I am not sure if I was born with the "helping/giving bug" or if I learned it from my parents, who helped so many in need in countless ways.  I have a myriad of stories of people that told me how their life changed because of something my father or my mother did.  “You changed my life!”

Regardless of how I got that passion, I have always given back in many different ways. Whether it was creating an event that could raise funds to help others, by mentoring girls and empowering them to be a better person, or just by simply giving back.

A few years ago we created a nonprofit organization that I really thought would accomplish the goal of helping a multitude of organizations at once. The company was called “Connecting our Cultures.” Unfortunately, it did not work for many reasons but what was really disheartening was how disengaged people were about bridging cultures together. The point is that that no matter how you want to help others, that is something we all need to do.

I reached a point in my life now where I got bitten by another bug on how to give back. Even though for many people it is considered a really bad word - politics. I admire people who take on the task of changing things at a higher level, to create different rules so that we live in a better place. I would love to think that they actually do it for "the passion" of giving. This is why I decided my next journey is to run for office in Aventura. One month into it and already there are many lessons that I have learned in this short time, and I am only in Politics 101.

This has been the biggest event I have ever had to plan, not only on a personal level, but in a way that I have become my own planner by managing my team.

What I have realized in this journey, is that for those of you who are planning your big event, whether it is a corporate, social, wedding or even a campaign dinner please get a planner, it will save your life. 

With all this going on I thought the theme for our next Wow & Oops breakfast would be about The Passion of Giving".  So please join us on October 6th!

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"The Passion of Giving"
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