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The Perfect Event with the mini oops



What makes a perfect event?


What elements do you need to align in order to have the perfect event? Planning and strategic thinking are the basic ingredients we need to start.


Recently, I attended a Banco do Brasil product launch event. They launched their kiosk and new credit card using Britto's art.  Their objective was very clear. 


Customer service and credit options.


They brilliantly teamed up with a celebrity artist, Romero Britto. He is Brazilian but a Miami resident, who happens to be very well known and very well liked in the community. He was commissioned to create a design for their "credit card collection." This partnership guaranteed media coverage, the VIP's, executives and city officials.


In my opinion, this event was gracefully planned and integrated all the "Marketing through Events" elements:  Strategic thinking, PR, social media, brand awareness, and social responsibility. 









The venue was Aventura Mall. Another great ingredient to add to the recipe mix. 


Center court of the mall, was the location where a private cocktail was held. On the second floor, you can see curious shoppers checking out the event. 


Adding curiosity to your event adds another WOW moment. Curiosity is the best way to gain the attention from mall shoppers and adds a feeling of exclusivity to your branding (another ingredient).


The attendee list included, VIP clients, City of Aventura Major and commissioners as well as the Branch president and other high level executives of the bank.


A charity was chosen to give a donation, which was another amazing piece, corporate social responsibility. A check of $250,000 dollars was presented to Best Buddies. Their director and a representative of the organization spoke about the benefits and how they help children with disabilities. They touched all our hearts, adding yet another WOW ingredient, the emotional connection.


The food, drinks, music and ambiance all contributed to the whole experience before the unveiling actually came.


There was a huge box sitting with balloons. We all thought the box was going to open but it didn't. Suddenly, the balloons started to elevate and the credit cards were drifted out of the box by the balloons..


With balloons as a means of elevation, the cards attached to the bottom string of the balloons were floating above everyone else. The element of surprise, was totally achieved.


The only mini oops was that there was no stage and the people speaking where at the same level as everyone else, and with the amount of press, the guests were not able to see very well.


As you can see this event had all the ingredients we need to make the perfect recipe.

It connected emotionally with the guests, it touched all the senses, and it elevated the brand with a celebrity as well as meeting their goals and objectives.

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"The Perfect Event with the mini oops"
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