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Cultural Differences: Here, there and everywhere

For a breakfast event starting at 8:00 am, all my vendors and staff are all set and ready to go by 7:00 am. Everyone except the people of Venezuela.

My job was to get the venue, outside of the Venezuelan traditional environment. I took them to Aventura, as opposed to Doral or Kendall  where the Venezuelan population traditionally lives and works.

There were no RSVP answers, a cultural difference  that we have had  to get used to, because they will never change. 15 guests confirmed so I was told was ready for 70.  There were only 15 RSVPs, but I was told to be ready for 70. A cultural difference that will never change, but we have to get used to.

Believe me, I have become immune to those numbers even though it is a constant suffering. Will there be enough food if more people show up? How would I look if only 15 showed up?

What worried me the most, was not only how many people showed up, but also the main sponsor of the event - the venue which was the result of a mutual relationship.

Now I call this cultural experience....

Continuing with MY timeline. I got there at 7:00am and no one from the sponsoring organization was there. The Audiovisuals were not set up, there was no registration table no registration table, nothing was ready. Patience, I told myself, every time it ends up working out, but not before I suffer like hell. 

By 7:45 am I saw movement. The organization board members arrived, with just At this point, I found out that my speaker’s presentation was not until 9 am, I felt a slight relief. The registration and the network event came first.  

After three cups of coffees with my speaker, and with no audiovisuals insight, we sat there  analyzing the different patterns of networking and again taking into account the cultural differences.  After going back and forth, we could not identify, but I guess the force behind the wheel is what makes it happen. Business is done among themselves, no one else is needed. No outsiders. Contrary to what I thought that they would come to a strange country and would like to become involved, accepted and blended in, no way. It’s a mini -country in and of itself from their own country. I should have guessed when the requirements for the speaker was that the presentation had to be in Spanish. A first for me in this country.

At 8:30am still no audiovisuals and a wire was missing. Someone asked one of the board members to go and buy one. In my world, the audiovisuals would have been up and ready, with all the logos of sponsors running back to back since 7:30AM

8:59 am, and here we go. Starting on time (at first with Latinos) and with my ulcer ready to burst, but once again, everything worked out, at last.

By 9:05 introductions were made and the show was on. To my surprise the room was packed, more than 85 people showed up. They loved the speaker and the location. Here we come Aventura.

After all the surprises I went through that short morning, I was shocked once again when I met this very interesting person. When learning what he does for a living, immediately I could think of many groups that I do events for that I could bring him on. Guess what, there was a slight problem, he did not speak any English. According to him there are 40% Hispanics in Florida, and everyone speaks Spanish, why would he need to learn English?

For starters, let’s begin with learning not only the language, but the culture of the country that adopted us. No matter what the reason is, we are all here, living for the same goals; work, play and enjoy a decent life while living the Great American Dream.

Yes, it turned out a great event; I will never risk it again. My suggestion, put aside our cultural difference and blend in; you will be surprised at the larger pictures and the world of possibilities that will be open up. 

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"Cultural Differences: Here, there and everywhere"
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