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Wedding time at Indigo Events

Wow Karen’s wedding is already here.

I can still remember when she was my intern and said to me..”when I get married you can do whatever you want”, and she did.

She gave me cart blanche to her wedding, off course on a budget.

On one side it’s a huge responsibility, it was my taste not hers, and on the other, I had so much fun and loved to work with her and her mom that it was the energy that helped inspired me.

Ice and lighting were my theme. Even though it sounds cold it was the warmest wedding ever. The families were great together; even the ex’s got along like best friends.

One of my biggest fears is that someone will throw the place cards to the floor when they reach for theirown, and that the guests will be all over the floor picking them up randomly.

So in order to avoid it, I avoid place cards and have different ways of letting guests know where their table is.

From lit up carved names  to antique scrolls printed in huge sizes for everyone to find their names.

The Chuppa was set up differently, the flower arrangements were set in ice and the lighting of the room gave special effects, even though the photographer was ready to kill me when he saw that there was no light.

Or let me rephrase it, I was ready to kill him when he turned on his bright light to film the event and everything lighted up.

Anyways Karen and Craig where amazed at how it turned out, their words made me cry, which happens often by the way. I get attached to my clients and they become close friends, and then I miss them after everything is over.

Everything came out great, even the situation with the best man who was looking for a baby sitter in the lobby of the hotel and asked two total strangers for one.

Thank G/d those two strangers where Camila, one of our Indigo Events team, and myself. We found him the best baby sitter in a matter of seconds after he promised to NEVER again ask a stranger, especially in a hotel to take care of his baby.

If his wife only knew.

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